Watercolours, Oils & Mixed Media


    Across the Globe, A Life in Art

    Every painting tells a story

    Lynn Gimby-Bougerol works in oil, watercolour, ink, and mixed media. She grew up in Toronto, where her teachers included Maisie Traugott and Group of Seven member Frederick Varley. Living in France, she studied with Joe Lancaster in Paris and created artworks for exhibitions (April in Paris Arts Festival, Château de Sées, Hôtel Mona Bismarck, American Embassy in Paris, among others) and private acquisitions both nationally and internationally. She has taught hundreds of students ages 14 to 84 in private and group classes at her atelier in St. Germain-en-Laye, from sketching techniques to animal portraiture. She currently paints and teaches in New York City.

    Teaching Technique, Inspiring Self-Discovery

    Helping you find your authentic voice

    Lynn believes everyone has something to say through art, and works with you to develop the solid technique to express it. Expect lots of personal guidance and painting time in her classes. Students focus on creating work that’s authentic to them in a fun, forgiving atmosphere — Lynn’s teaching style emphasizes the joy of self-discovery, with clear, actionable feedback tied to your specific goals as an artist. You’ll learn valuable tools and techniques that you’ll come back to time and time again as you forge your creative path.

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    Animals in Watercolour

    Bringing dogs, cats and more to life

    Whether it’s a beloved pet or your spirit animal, capture its unique beauty and personality in a watercolour portrait. Using your photographic source material, Lynn will lead you from the basics of sketching animal anatomy to a finished artwork over two days.


    upcoming dates:

    May 6-7, 2017

    Mendocino Art Center

    Mendocino, CA

    Painting Your Travels

    Capturing places you've been

    Learn to get the magic of a once-in-a-lifetime getaway down on paper or canvas. Whether it's Florence, Bali or your hometown, we'll discuss what that place means to you, distilling it into the emotions and essentials that will make your work true.


    upcoming dates:

    TBA - check back soon!

    Vintage Animal Portraiture (Oil)

    Invoking timeless personality on canvas

    Lynn's received accolades for her "vintage-feeling animal portraiture," and here you'll learn to play with color and light to give your painting the feel of an old-fashioned tableau, regardless of the subject. Students work from photographs, taking work from sketch to completion.


    upcoming dates:

    TBA - check back soon!

    Still Lifes for Foodies

    Creating a feast for the senses

    A plump garden tomato, a luscious, ink-hued eggplant -- this is a class for the hungry artist! Starting with a brief review of how the masters painted feasts, Lynn will then guide you from sketch to finished piece, working from a still life set up in the studio.


    upcoming dates:

    TBA - check back soon!

    The Basics of Drawing

    It all starts with your sketch

    Students have raved about Lynn's step-by-step sketching method -- you'll learn to set up every facet of your finished work in that first drawing, making the painting the easy (and more fun!) part. Depending on the day, students will bring in photographs or work from still life or portrait subjects in the studio.


    upcoming dates:

    TBA - check back soon!


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